Body-To-Body Nuru Massage

Erotic Sliding For Great Sex

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Experience new heights of ecstatic pleasure for you and your partner with this erotic sliding for great sex! Satisfying lovemaking requires awareness of a lover’s touch and timing, and a Nuru massage can deliver a level of intimacy rarely shared in a relationship. The Japanese word “nuru” means “slippery”, and an erotic slide massage requires nothing but bare skin, Nuru gel, and two people eager to experiment. Sliding across one another with full body-to-body contact, skin sensitivity is increased, lovers are aroused, and sessions lead to incredible sex.

• Erotic preparation in the shower
• Use your whole body to massage
• Nuru massage on a bed, the floor, and outdoors
• Joys of giving and receiving Nuru massage
• Sliding for the ultimate sexual climax