Sexy Neighbors Vol. 8: Sisters Who Share

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In Sisters Who Share, a man bites off more then he can chew when he cheats with his wife’s sister. In Love with a Twist, Stephen and Jessica had the perfect relationship – until Stephen discovered Jessica in bed with her friend Valerie. Valerie becomes the addition to make it perfect again. In Two Guys and a Girl, Cheri has a fantasy to be with another woman but isn’t sure if she can go through with it. Her boyfriend coaxes her to accept the advances of her co-worker, Amy, and together they have the adventure of their lives. In Out of Synch, Ashley wants to start a family with her husband Donny. She works her schedule down to a science of perfect timing, and it’s up to Donny to perform whenever she calls. In Dalliance, a young lawyer is seduced by his boss’s wife, who turns out to have an ulterior motive. In Miss Perfect, a man searching for his perfect mate tries to set a more realistic standard.