Sexy Neighbors Vol. 5: Please Please Me

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In Please Please Me, two old lovers get together at their High School Reunion and put the past behind them. In Perfect Match, a young woman seeks the ideal man through a computer dating service and ends up with the ideal woman instead. In The Conversation, when Janet gets the evidence that her husband Tom is having an affair, she has a very unusual reaction. In Empty Nest, after the third partner in a long-running threesome departs for a new life, her former lovers try to find someone new to take her place, only to rediscover one another. In Wife Swapping, four recent college grads play the wildest and sexiest game of Truth or Dare ever. In, a mutual friend sets up a blind date between Brian, a bookish, relationship-challenged man in his mid-30s, and Mira, a sexy but scatterbrained young woman in her 20s. At her apartment for their first sexual encounter, Mira is the picture of confident sexuality, and Brian is, well, not. But he?s a good study and gets over his awkwardness quickly, coming back strong for an encore.

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