Sexy Neighbors Vol. 4: Taboo Desires

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In Truth or Dare, a seemingly innocent parlor game turns into a night of revelations for its mismatched players. In Taboo Desires, Hank and Julie are lovers who share their fantasies. She wants to be ravished. He wants a threesome. They find a way to get both of their fantasies answered in one amazing night when Julie invites her old roommate Lucy into the bedroom. Is a threesome everything it?s cracked up to be? What is the aftermath? In Old Habits, a young couple move in together, and find that some old habits are hard to break. In It All Comes out in the Wash, two girls discover they?ve got a mutual boyfriend and join forces to teach him a lesson he?ll never forget. In Divorce Courtship, a couple separates only to find they really want to be together after all – just not as husband and wife. In Terri & Wayne, Wayne comes home to find his wife, Terri, wearing a blonde wig. It seems when Terri wears the wig Wayne becomes aroused. She obliges, but when she wants to put the wig away, Wayne insists she bring it out. Is he more in love with her or the fantasy?

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