Sexy Neighbors Vol. 3: Switching Partners

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In Switching Partners, Mike and Gina, best friends coming out of bad relationships, commiserate together. They realize they’re perfect for each other. Can their friendship survive their passion? In Three’s Company, a woman uses her boyfriend to seduce a virgin girlfriend, and the sexual newcomer shows herself to be quite the master of physical passion and pleasure. In The Psychiatrist Couch, a couple goes to a sex therapist to find the passion they once had for each other. In Night Shift, a late night at the office provides an evening of unexpected pleasure. In Unbridled Passion, an attractive young couple – Caucasian male and Latina female – is at first drawn to each other by sex alone. After exploring their fears and prejudices, and those of their respective families, they discover a shared sense of values – integrity, loyalty, humor, and family. The revelation makes their next lovemaking session a remarkable one. In The Makeover, a woman undergoes a remarkable physical transformation, lifting her self-esteem. Her relationship takes on a new dimension as her lover comes to appreciate her newfound sexuality.

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